What is a SarahNdipity Shop Bid Day Box and What makes it Unique? 

Not only are we a retail gift business but we are also officially licensed to design and create our own products for all 11 of the sororities at the University of Arkansas. We have spent the last two years consulting with various young women regarding what designs and products they would like to have with sorority branding. Based on this information, we have designed a full line of products for the sorority girl! Of course we have the standard products like cell phone wallets, trucker hats and vinyl sticker sheets that all young women love, BUT the difference is, they have our own on-trend designs.  We also have some unique and versatile products that we are excited to present this year. One of them being our FLOWER DIFFUSERS, which are great for both the dorm (a great way to keep the room smelling good, since candles aren’t allowed!) and the car ( it comes with a small removable adhesive pad so it can adhere to the car dashboard). It’s also fun to add colored drops to change the color of the scented oil and flower. Another item we are excited about is the CLEAR VINYL STADIUM PURSE that you can add our ADJUSTABLE BRANDED PURSE STRAP allowing it be worn as either a crossbody purse or as a “fanny pack” of course in the front.   Another new product for this year is our versatile LEATHER KEYCHAIN/BRACELET with magnetic clasp and branded gold greek letter slides.  You can leave the clawhook/keyring on to use as a keychain on your wrist or remove it and wear it as a bracelet.  For our Bid Day Boxes, we have carefully curated groupings of all of these products and they are available at 4 different price levels.  

So, all that fun stuff will be IN THE BOX, but we also know how the Presentation of the BOX is what can make all the difference when giving a gift.  ALL BID DAY BOXES will be packaged with our signature gold/white ribbon and crinkle, along with beautiful hand made butterfly lollipop by Sweet Carolines Confections and topped with our bright colored “To New Beginnings Bid Day 2022” Sticker.  

TO TRULY set this Bid Day Box apart from all others and give your PNM a REAL surprise- you can chose the ADD-On Option of the Sparkling Explosion Box with the Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake and Flying Butterfly Surprise.  This will literally TOP the Sarahndipity Bid Day Box with it’s beautiful gold and white confetti design. Click here for more information about this ADD-On Option. 

What Sororities are represented in your Bid Day Boxes?

We have Bid Day Boxes for all 11 of the University of Arkansas- Fayetteville Panhellenic Sororities.  Products and designs are similar for each sorority however, colors and fonts may vary depending on each sororities branding requirements.  

We reserve the right to replace items with items of equal or greater value, if we run out of inventory for a particular sororities item.

What Does It Mean for SarahNdipity Shop to be an Official Sponsor For University of Arkansas Greek Life:

As an official Sponsor the University of Arkansas Greek Life we will receive a list in the early hours of Saturday, August 20th, letting us know which house your PNM received a bid.  All Bid Day boxes will be delivered to the Sorority house for which your PNM received a Bid on Saturday. We will notify her with a text but this is the one day she may be so busy, she won’t be looking at her phone.  So, be sure to let her know too, so she can look for it when she is at the house that day.  

What is a PNM?  

This stands for Potential New Member, it is how we refer to the individuals that are participating in recruitment at the University of Arkansas. 

Can You Tell me for which Sorority my PNM received a Bid?

NO, we are restricted by University of Arkansas Panhellenic to share any information regarding the Bid Lists they provide us. We know you will be anxious to find out but oh what a fun surprise it will be when you do! 

What information do you need from me to order a Bid Day Box?

When you check out be sure to fill in the requested information.  So we are sure to identify your PNM correctly, please provide us with her full name, home town and DOB if you have it. WE will also need her cell phone number as we will text her a notification that she has had a Bid Day Box delivered to her new sorority house. We will also need your first and last name, phone number and email as you may receive both email and/or text correspondence from us regarding your order.  

Can I get a refund if my PNM drops out of Recruitment or doesn’t receive or accept a Bid? 

We do not offer refunds for our pre-sold Bid Day Boxes, however, if notified before the boxes are delivered,  we will replace the branded items with other gift items from our Shop that will be of equal or greater value of the box you purchased.  We have a full line of gifts including, jewelry, trinket trays, wall signs and bath & beauty products that we are sure your college student will love. 

Please notify us immediately at as soon as you are aware that your PNM has decided to withdraw from recruitment or not accept a bid.  

If I don’t want to Order a Bid Day Box but want to purchase individual products on Bid Day, what are my Options?

Glad you asked!  We will have a Bid Day Pop-Up Shop in The Classroom located on the main floor  at the Inn at Carnall Hall.  The Inn at Carnall Hall is centrally located to all the sorority houses on Maple Street.  So stop by to see us if you are in town on Bid Day and pick up a gift for your new member and you can hand deliver to her on Bid Day.   WE will be open from 10:00am-5:00pm on Bid Day for you to purchase individual items.  

If you don’t plan to get in the hustle and bustle on Maple Street on Bid Day, you can  find us at BrickCity in Evelyn Hills Shopping Center on College Avenue. Our space is located up front to your right after the blue fountain!  You can’t miss us.  Our shelves are stocked year round with our sorority products, so you can always purchase anytime you are in need of a sorority branded gift. BrickCity is open 7 days a week from 10:00am-8:00pm M-F and 12:00pm-5:00pm on Sundays.  

Keep in mind, at both our Pop-Up Shop and BrickCity, we will not be offering our Bid Day Box wrapping or delivery for individual items purchased. You only get these special treats if you pre-order a bid day box before Saturday, August 20th. 

What if my PNM goes to another University, Can I still order a Bid Day Box?

We will not be taking order for Bid Day Boxes to other Universities until after the University of Arkansas Bid Day on August 20th.  At that time, if we have the product available to create any Bid Day Boxes we will leave them on our site for purchase for the 11 Sororities in which we are licensed and if one of them is one that your new member has joined then you can place an order for that specific sorority and we can ship it to your new member.  If we do not have the products to produce the full Bid Day Boxes we will have our individual products available for purchase.  

What are the 11 national sororities in which you are officially licensed?

They are Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha.